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   ICE sugar broken out of the falling wedge ... bullish trend to begin? or just an abberation to a prolonged consolidation?


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Date : 12 May 2019

Services We Wish to Hear from You!!! At TrendProfiles, the strategies of futures and options are considered a part of total portfolio and pay off structure is defined with appropriate risk/ reward rat ...

Date : 12 May 2019

Our Commodity Intermediary services aims at mediating between producers and buyers across the globe. We hold few specifics strengths in handling few commodities like Indian Peanuts , Indian Green Coff ...

Date : 12 May 2019

Our Financial consulting wing is dedicated to address derivatives advisory services for those companies whose commodity exposure is directly linked to exchange as benchmark. We cover on demand, most o ...

Date : 12 May 2019

TrendPofiles Commodity brokers and Financial Services serves physical commodity brokering of widely traded commodities from India Peanuts , Basmati rice , Non Basmati rice , Sesame seeds. We specializ ...

Date : 16 Feb 2014

  Advanced Candle Stick Analysis of German DAX     Candles Pattern in German DAX Implication 1 Bearish engulfing Reversal 2 Inverted hammer Reversal 3 Shooting star Reversal 4 Bullish engulfi ...

Date : 17 Nov 2013

Weekly CME Soybean Futures and options Option Per month $-49.00 USD Per quarter $-118.00 USD Per anum $-410.00 USD Weekly Palm oil Cash , Futures and options Options Per Month $-49.00 U ...

Date : 29 Jul 2013

29-7-2013 fx signal

Date : 19 Jun 2013

Basis Explained   A basis if a difference between cash-Futures, or in other words : Cash-Futures = basis A complete cycle of hedge involves a) Cash market price at the inception of the contract b) F ...

Date : 29 May 2013

  Moving average Convergence and divergence is one of the few indicators which gives reliable signals, but not to get carried away with the fact, the capability of the price trend to move matters more ...

Date : 26 May 2013

  Trend profiles Financial Services (referred to as Trend profiles from hereon) is a proprietary based advisory firm specializing in providing newsletter services on commodity futures and options. T ...

Date : 12 May 2013

Soybean Country Profile   United states is among the top 5 soybean producing states with a 5 yr average of 83646 (mln tons) a year. A major origins for exports of soybean seeds has been making a rapid ...

Date : 08 Mar 2013

Commodity Consulting and Risk management At TrendProfiles, the strategies of futures and options are considered a part of total portfolio and pay off structure is defined with appropriate risk/ reward ...

Date : 08 Mar 2013

Volumes: The volumes are a basic indication of a buyers/sellers interest for a stock. During trend reversals volumes tend to decline indicating a lack of interest on the part of a buyer/seller to cont ...

Date : 06 Mar 2013

Covered Put Strategy Sell Put OTM strike, Sell Futures at market Utility Limits some losses arising out of short futures. Critisism Neither short put nor short futures serves as a hedge to each leg of ...

Date : 06 Mar 2013

Basic Tennants The Five Wave Pattern, Wave Mode, The Complete Cycle, The Essential Design, Variations on the Basic Theme, Wave Degree Motive Waves Impulse, Extension, Truncation, Diagonal Triangles (W ...

Date : 06 Mar 2013

Pattern Characteristics Objective Double top Bearish reversal , where the second head is accompanied with lower volumes. A pierce of the Neck line is a signal of the wea trend to resume Distance betwe ...

Date : 06 Mar 2013

Nasdaq Composite The negative divergence noted in 14Week RSI has begun weighing a reversal down the bullish channel. The technical conditions have weakened since the presidential elections and can eve ...

Date : 06 Mar 2013

The 2012 trend in the KLSE composite has been mostly a consolidation with an upward slant, making into a bullish channel.  Though the trend comprises higher lows and bottoms, the 14-Day RSI -ve diverg ...

Date : 06 Mar 2013

The present Bear market in the sugar has erased more than 80% of the rally that took place from the May'2010 lows of 13.00 cents and still not showing any signals of a valid trend reversal. As for a s ...

Date : 06 Mar 2013

Common weights 1 ounce 1 pound 1 kg 1 quintal 1 short ton 1 metric ton 1 ounce 1 0.0625 0.0283 0.000283 0.00003 0.00002 1 pound 16 1 0.453 0.00453 0.0005 0.000453 1 kg 35.27 2.204 1 0.01 0.0011 0.001 ...

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