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   ICE sugar broken out of the falling wedge ... bullish trend to begin? or just an abberation to a prolonged consolidation?


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Commodity Consulting and Risk management

At TrendProfiles, the strategies of futures and options are considered a part of total portfolio and pay off structure is defined with appropriate risk/ reward ratio. The futures and options report is structured with an entry plan, based on trend following trading system.

There is no Holy Grail !!! a clearly spelled out trading plan and adjustments at various levels of futures prices can define an objective to stay invested.




Online Training

>> Technical analysis: On par with the CMT curriculum .


>>  Are you new to  financial derviatives and would like to know the right usage.


Commodity Consulting:

Decaling volatility in commodities as focal point can provide big opportunities and  we provide trade recommendations upon extensive technical system tests , so that market dynamics is captured in right way.

Our reports can benefit  , if you are a fund and want to know a view , or a hedger who wish to explore various structures available to hedge.


Markets covered :  CME Grains ,  ICE Softs , Global Metals


FX Consulting and risk management:

Business situations need FX to be managed with a proper articulation and framework , making it more efficient in visibility of cash flows. Our services range from providing basic view on market which is USD-INR or a need be to provide a frame work of risk management and policies.

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Trend Profiles Financial services are introducing brokers of, representing one of the venerated brokers to offer their trading platforms covering Forex , Commodities and many more asset classes.

Disclaimer: This link shall take users into an external link of Gain Capital, which hosts trading platforms. Trading in Financial markets involves actual loss of capital, hence users are advised to consider their risk appetite appropriately. TrendProfiles Financial Services acts as an introducing broker only and holds no liability of loss/profits arising out of trading not holds any responsibility of capital invested by any individual/Organization in any quantity or currency denomination