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   ICE sugar broken out of the falling wedge ... bullish trend to begin? or just an abberation to a prolonged consolidation?


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EUR-USD: 1.3776  ( Positive)
Trend summary
Minor profit taking pressure seen in the Euro, but the uptrend remains intact


Trade: Limit buy at  1.3750 , SL 1.3675, Exit 1.3875
Trade Adjustment: None.
USD–CAD: 1.0449   (positive)
Trend Summary and view
A sustained rise from short term moving averages could hold the price trend positive towards 1.0600

Trade: Limit buy  1.0420, SL 1.0350, Exit 1.0550
Trade adjustments: None
GBP-USD: 1.5650 ( weak)
Trend Summary and view
The pair is stuck in a broad consolidation which is likely to see more selling coming into a fall to 1.5450. Even as we see a rally to 1.5725-1.5750 the pair is still prone to selling interest.

Trade: Limit sell 1.5680 , SL 1.5750,  Exit 1.5500
Trade adjustments: None
NZD-USD:  0.8260  (weak)
Trend Summary and view
Short term weakness in the Nez Dollar could test earlier swing lows of 0.8180.


Trade: limit sell  0.8280 , SL 0.8350,  Exit 0.8150
Trade Adjustments: None
USD-CHF: 0.8960 (positve)
Trend Summary and view
the Dollar rebound from oversold conditions could lead the pair higher to 0.9050
Trade: Limit buy at 0.8940 , SL 0.8880, Exit 0.9075
Trade adjustments: None
AUD-USD: 0.9507  (weak)
Trend Summary and view
Short term momentum signals are weak which may hold the pair down towards 0.9400

Trade: Limit sell  at  0.9525  SL 0.9600, Exit 0.9400
Trade Adjustments: None

Disclaimer: FX trading is highly risky and involves loss of equity.The information presented in the  article is gathered from the sourced believed to be true and we do not guarantee accuracy of the data at the time of writing or trade execution. TrendProfiles Financial services Pvt ltd, does not hold responsible for profit/losses generated out of the trade ideas presented.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 29 October 2013 03:46
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